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My name is Jarrod. I like making websites. I’ll make one for you or your business or your mom or your dog or your favorite stuffed animal. Here’s what services I can offer you, in a handy list format:

  • Custom Website Creation using WordPress
  • WordPress Theme Customization and Setup
  • WordPress education/training

If you’re just looking for more about me:
Pyper Family
I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and like it. I have a wife, two dogs, and two awesome little girls (6yrs and 4yrs)! In my free time (ha, free time) I enjoy camping, road trips, soccer, ukulele, and doing almost anything with my girls. I’m far too attached to my iPhone. I love learning new tricks with WordPress. Every site I build gives me more attachments to my Swiss army knife of skills, so I’m always getting better and more efficient. Also, I’m a big fan of God.

So let me know if you or that stuffed animal need a website.